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CSR/USR cooperation negotiation

Members of the IPOWER unit have on-the-job training CSR verifiers, social enterprise degree programs, ESG certification, and experience in SROI workshops. Although IPOWER is not a company, we also hope to use the above professional knowledge to help us when negotiating cooperation with companies. It can match the expectations of the company's SROI/ESG and the social purpose of IPOWER at the same time. If you also agree with our philosophy and our intentions, you are welcome to discuss the possibility of further cooperation after reading the graphic briefing below.


The concept of CSR cooperation in the past

​ In fact, non-profit organizations often need additional arrangements

​IPOWER After digesting past CSR cooperation experience, we hope that future CSR cooperation plans will have more interesting, diverse and mutually beneficial possibilities.

In the CSR/USR program of IPOWER's future cooperation, we hope to connect different interpretations of social influence and deepen the quality of cooperation

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