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"Every I is a POWER, an influence."

The corporate legal person IPOWER Training Institute was officially established in 2017. We are deeply involved in rural education in the North Coast community. Through diverse career education programs, we connect community issues, creativity and training, and SDGs, and work with local young people through classes. Let's build a blueprint for education in the 21st century together.  

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Professional development from the process of serving children

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Youth Development

​ Customized program for children and youth

​We customize the learning needs of children with learning momentum, interest development, and career development, and provide academic counseling (subjects in the school), career development, life skills counseling, and college entrance counseling, etc. .

From IPOWER’s experience in serving children, we have seen the needs of teacher training, youth volunteer training, and NGO manpower’s needs for on-the-job training. IPOWER is also making rolling progress in response to changes in the world. Design and plan different arrangements according to the needs, including lectures, courses, workshops, etc.

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​teacher training

​We customize the educational needs of children and see the content of teacher training in the 21st century

​We have provided teacher training content such as literacy training, multiple intelligences, local creation, bilingual and multi-teaching plan design, empowerment theory, and digital teaching.

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​Youth Volunteer Training​

​At present, tutoring volunteers are linked to online tutoring certification, in line with the possibility of USR tutoring career development, and at the same time meet the quality optimization needs of tutoring companions.

​Design professional functions from USR and service learning, and strengthen the specialization of service learning.

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NGO manpower on-the-job training

​ In the past, he promoted power-building courses such as presentation design, basic photography introduction, speech practice, copywriting, etc., while assisting personnel in on-the-job training, while assisting units to innovate and think.

Along with SDGs, ESG conceptTo advance, NGO manpower also has the demand for multi-faceted training.


History of IPOWER


  • The legal entity was formally established on October 21
  • ​ The Laomei Festival was held in the first year, and then the Laomei Festival public welfare market was held in different forms every year
  • ​ has become a cooperation field for experimental education practice of National Chengchi University






  • ​ jointly renovated and used Fuji classrooms with children, combining the themes of physical fitness, reading, and baking
  • ​Renovated together with children and started a grocery store material classroom and material learning project
  • ​ became TQUK International License Approval Center

  • Become an international member of Socail Value International

  • Launch Laomei Fat Classroom, a themed learning space combining baking and art

  • ​ officially passed the experimental education institution, preparing to gather resources to provide new vocational choices for young people in social welfare units

  • Renovate and use stone trough classrooms with children, combining learning spaces with themes such as physical fitness, community, art, music, etc.
  • Launched an online learning platform (Learning Management System) to meet the needs of teacher training and social welfare courses for children after the epidemic
  • Join the small satellite project members of the New Taipei City Social Bureau and enter the small satellite social welfare relationship network

2023 vision

​ Along the way, IPOWER is a company that has been providing professional services through education and the needs of different children and individuals. Over the past few years, IPOWER’s core partners have also been responding to resources, the world The trend is to study hard, practice and cultivate in different fields, whether it is community building, social enterprises, local creation, social welfare, experimental education, etc., there are footprints of IPOWER's efforts. In 2023, we will work hard to promote the de-labeling of services provided by social welfare units. In addition to family background and economic conditions, we pay more attention to the impact of these social issues on the growth of young people. From these influences, we can see the learning needs of young people, and at the same time, through the flexible use of institutional experimental education and the original unit of IPOWER in the social resource network, we advocate the importance of educational choice, educational equality, and educational equality, which are also practiced in our rural children. superior.

Therefore, we will need you who pay more attention to the social issues that sustain us, and invite more people to join the ranks of supporting IPOWER. Your support is an important social investment for us. IPOWER also attaches great importance to the all-round development of young people. We span many fields and issues that are discussed separately in Taiwan, and we will also bring and present more IPOWER to you through the in-depth connection of social influence The excitement also allows everyone to see the growth and prosperity of children and children in rural areas!



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