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​After assessing learning momentum, we will provide academic guidance arrangements according to the needs of young people

​ Learning Kinetic Assessment

Teenagers will first provide IPOWER teachers with observation and evaluation of learning momentum through participation in different courses. If the youngsters are motivated enough to learn the subject, they will assist in the arrangement of tutoring volunteers and provide academic assistance.

​course schedule

​ For youngsters with low subject learning motivation, we will first arrange courses related to skill development, reshape learning motivation through course content, and help young people independently develop subject learning motivation and needs.

​custom adjustment

​Subject supplementary courses and skill training courses are complementary arrangements. We will observe the learning status of young children after taking courses, and then assist in customized arrangements. Through rich and diversified learning To make up for the problem of low learning diversity in rural education.

Recruit and train online tutoring volunteers to assist teenagers with their schoolwork

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​ Support and continue children's learning momentum, accompany children to build confidence

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​ Museum visit
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