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The IPOWER concept was jointly established by our founder Yang Xiaowei and high-risk teenagers in New York. During the time in New York, every New York teenager became every IPOWER under the guidance of Teacher Xiaowei. Teenagers act as leaders and start a customized learning program for each teenager, including I Do Theater for drama art, I Care for healing learning, I Cook for cooking and baking, and I Am for learning civil rights and obligations ..., each New York IPOWER acted as their own learning guide, and led the members of the whole team to learn each other's courses interactively.

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After receiving the New York Honorary Teacher Award, Ms. Xiaowei returned to Taiwan after traveling around the world. With a lot of world experience, she went to the North Coast community through education and community observation in the five circles around the island and Taiwan, and communicated with the children in the community Started the germination of Taiwan IPOWER. After three years of squatting and action, we established Taiwan's IPOWER non-profit organization with the support of everyone, hoping to transform the disadvantaged groups through education, so that the disadvantaged groups, whether economically disadvantaged, learning disadvantaged, identity disadvantaged, etc., can gather The power of everyone makes IPOWER a driving force for flipping and creating remote communities through community connections.

​An education expert who returned to Taiwan - Yang Xiaowei

"The problems you see are our daily lives. Only by seeing with your heart can you really find a solution."


Drug trade, alcoholism, mobs, lack of employment opportunities, low industrial diversity, direction of community development, local government public actions, population structure M, outflow of young and middle-aged people...In addition to family background, many factors have also exposed the teenagers here to high-risk environments for a long time, and have become labeled "high-risk teenagers". In recent years, we hope that everyone will discuss various vertical and face-to-face issues Or the impact of the problem on the process of children's development and growth, gradually reduce the family background and economic background of social welfare, and strengthen the understanding of what kind of support and assistance can be provided to children's growth through our services.


What IPOWER is really promoting is to lead Ershao to become a solution to community issues in a bottom-up manner. Ershao is a large number of people in the community, and Ershao can do it far Exceeded the age limit. we knowThe next batch of young and middle-aged people will be the children in the current community. The current children will influence members of different ages inside and outside the community, and by learning the "creative local techniques", they will match the real "diversity" of the current children's ages. "Learning" needs to lead the development and future of the community, step by step to slowly solve the problem, give play to the influence of children, and become the next POWER that will influence and lead the education revolution in Taiwan and the community.


"How to Solve Real Problems?: Diverse Positioning in a Nonprofit Organization"

The reason why a remote community is called a "rural" has many factors. In the past few years in the North Coast community, we have encountered many reasons why rural education has been paid attention to. There are many elements in the context of local development that influence each other behind it. Rural education is not only something that can be discussed in terms of educational resources or viewpoints, but more importantly, in the entire community area, from public institutions to local organizations, from local officials to community members, every screw that operates in the community, Does the blueprint for the development of the community include education in its position.


IPOWER is an education-oriented unit. When promoting education, we must also have some functions of social welfare units in response to the customized learning factors of each child, such as: bringing volunteers to help grandma carry After the flood, the mud was exchanged for children’s study time, to understand the organizational structure and functions of regional public units, to understand and join hands with children to strive for personal social welfare...etc. important learning material.


Community building is now an important learning element that connects every local area with education in the world. The development and prospect of the community have greatly affected the rise and fall of a community, and the children in the community are one of the important members of the community. They use the local elements of the community to match learning, whether it is literature, history, art, cooking, handicrafts, etc. Work, construction, etc., will gradually become part of the blueprint for community development, and build the North Coast community into a learning-oriented growth community, because "continuous learning" provides an endless source of motivation for community development, so that rural communities No longer remote.


"Learning Sharing, Sharing Learning, Bridges to Solutions through Education: Community-as-School Enabling."

With the promotion of One-Room School, we will be in line with the promotion of experimental education in Taiwan. All the children in the North Coast community have to leave the community to study in other areas after entering high school. As a result, the gap between community development and local educational resources has emerged. Through experimental education to build bridges, children in the community will have the opportunity to continue to stay in the community to complete their studies in the future. At the same time, they also cooperate with other educational units to better understand how community-based learning can be promoted through exchanges.


The joint management of the creation concept not only involves members in the community, but also opens up opportunities to connect different communities and units inside and outside the community through learning, so that the development of the community can be more active and more opportunities through the flow of learning Bring in a new young and middle-aged population and learn with IPOWER how to create and transform remote communities through education.

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