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What cooperation possibilities can we provide

We provide professional education design and education consulting services to help schools, educational institutions and education practitioners optimize their teaching models and improve students' learning experience and outcomes.

Our service items include:

  1. Instructional Design: Our educational design team works with you to design and develop instructional programs and instructional resources based on your student and curriculum needs to improve student learning outcomes and motivation.

  2. Teaching optimization: Our education consultant team will observe, evaluate and analyze your teaching practice, and provide customized teaching optimization suggestions and training to improve your teaching effect and student satisfaction.

  3. Technology application: Our team will help you select and apply appropriate educational technology tools and platforms to enhance your teaching effectiveness and student interaction.

  4. Teacher Training: Our team of educational consultants will provide your teachers with professional teaching training and resources to improve their teaching skills and abilities.

  5. Course development: Our educational design team will design and develop customized courses according to your needs to meet the needs of students and courses.

If you need more customized assistance for the above, please contact Ms. Wu

​ past collaboration topics

The following themes are for reference only. The themes below are sparks of themes generated by partners from various parties in the past. If you also have cooperation themes that you want to inquire about, please feel free to contact us!

hybrid teaching.png

Hybrid teaching, including the application of digital tools, hybrid teaching techniques, etc.

The practical application of the theory of multiple intelligences in teaching.

The development of 21st century ability and 108 curriculum literacy.

Applied methods of bilingual teaching (eg CLIL)

Combination of social enterprise and ESG concepts and courses.

Application of SDGs United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Curriculum Design.

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