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​ The cause of the experimental high school

IPOWER has accumulated many years of experience in community-based education, and we have found that the combination of children and community development is the key to the solution. Through the establishment of creative arts and culture experimental education institutions, we will give disadvantaged young people the opportunity of education equality and education choices, link community issues and career development, and serve as learning media for students who come to the North Coast community and local communities. While obtaining a senior high school diploma, you can learn how to run a community, build a community, and create a community when you are young. Among the issues in the community, each issue is closely related to the sustainable development goals of the United Nations, and because of the regional characteristics and development history of each community, there are unique issues in the community for each goal. And these issues require not only the content of subject knowledge, but also the connection of many capabilities in the 21st century.

The most important thing for us is to connect the development needs and issues of rural communities, match them with the current subject content of national compulsory education, and develop and cultivate students' 21st century abilities, cultivate future talents from the community, and develop them in the school stage. That is to begin to explore the development of community industries and social functions, so as to facilitate the preparation of students' ability to enter the social workplace at the stage of compulsory education.

The Practical Goals of Experimental Higher Vocational Schools


"The community is the school, and creation is the learning material"
Link textual knowledge with community development content, and create a community as the learning goal, so that students can build community identity awareness early and develop community development opportunities during the 12-year national education period.

"Community higher vocational infrastructure construction, slow down community thrust"
When young people in the community go to school, they need to leave the community to study at the senior high school level, which further strengthens the thrust of the youth in the community. Creation Experimental Educational Institutions provide young people with equal opportunities to choose education in the community and stay in the community to study.

"Creating a community and cultivating career capabilities early"
Considering that many families in the community often have financial burdens, we have also negotiated industry-university cooperation with many stores on the North Coast, so that students can apply what they have learned in the workplace and build the practical ability needed for their career early.

"Connecting international certificates and building international competitiveness"
IPOWER will be approved by the TQUK Certification Center for International Certificates in 2022. In the future, students will need to obtain international certificates through courses and prepare for multiple future studies as soon as possible.


​ Are you also interested in our experimental education?

Welcome to leave your information and your questions. When we hold related briefings or lectures in the future, we will also provide you with information!

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