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​training/lecture invitation process

The first step is to confirm the form you want to proceed with:

​Training Workshop

(Training & Workshop)

​Content and process design will focus on the application of subject knowledge and skills, and assist students in practical exercises through guidance



​Based on the experience and stories of IPOWER’s past services, and through some interactive design, to help everyone better understand the purpose of IPOWER

Forms that are not above are also welcome to write to discuss with us!

E-mail: Ms. Wu

For training/lecture invitations, IPOWER hopes to have a good cooperative relationship. In the second step of the invitation, you will be asked to provide the following information

1. The theme or direction you currently want (if you have a budget but no idea, you can also call us to discuss!)

2. Date/time/length of time/number of people

3. In the part of the object, we will need further information on the general direction, and then we will confirm with the contact window according to the determined theme or direction

We will conduct formal or informal surveys before and after the arrangement to assist us in arranging relevant cooperation in the future, so that we can bring you better quality and greater influence! And we also hope that the content we bring to you will become a small seedling that will sprout in your heart and give the world a more positive influence!

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